Quality Policy (NP EN ISO 9001: 2015)

LUSIS vision is to be the most innovative and preferred company in all markets where it operates.

Total Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement, and the Rigor and Professionalism of our day-to-day work constitute the principles of all our activities.

LUSIS Policy is part of its commitment to Quality and the above principles.

Our commitment is formalized in the following Quality Policy established by the General Management:

  • Ensure compliance with the legal requirements and requirements of Customers and Partners in order to ensure the permanent satisfaction of their needs and expectations;

  • Develop management methods adapted to new technologies and market trends and challenges to build competitive advantages and ensure the economic and financial sustainability of LUSIS;

  • Ensure the correct functioning of the Management System (SG) implemented, based on the standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2015, with a view to continuously improving its effectiveness;

  • Promote the involvement of all employees in the continuous improvement of the management system, processes and services and products provided;

  • Perform our daily tasks responsibly and rigorously, in an inspiring work environment that fosters team spirit, open communication and the ambition to be better;

  • Promote the training, qualification and motivation of the Employees in order to be a team with high technical competence, which transmits the maximum confidence and credibility to those who request our services and products.

Com 30 anos de experiência, tecnologias de ponta, metodologias de vanguarda e profissionais de classe mundial, a Lusis desenvolve e implementa projetos "chave na mão" integrados de grande escala, que dão resposta aos desafios do sector público e privado: Habitação e Construção, Agricultura e Agroindústria, Ensino e Formação Profissional, Saúde, Telecomunicações e TI, Sistema de Informação Geográfica, Energia, Promover o Empreendedorismo Feminino, Água, Pesca.

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