Mission and Values


In an increasingly competitive global market, LUSIS creates differentiated value proposals which reflect its investment in the quality of its products, its customer service and its human capital.

With this in mind, our organisation has as a mission to provide solutions and innovative services that meet the needs of our clients and aims to establish a long lasting relationship with them, and with our technological partners.



The search to attain excellence in business models and customer service, in the fields of education, training and defence consulting , has led LUSIS to focus on human potential, identifying individual skills and providing training. This allows us to maximize results while ensuring both individual well-being and the success of the company.

Using research and development to identify the best solutions for our areas of intervention, our objective is to stimulate essential values such as innovation, customer orientation, along with continuous improvement, thus creating value for clients, shareholders and technological partners.

Com 30 anos de experiência, tecnologias de ponta, metodologias de vanguarda e profissionais de classe mundial, a Lusis desenvolve e implementa projetos "chave na mão" integrados de grande escala, que dão resposta aos desafios do sector público e privado: Habitação e Construção, Agricultura e Agroindústria, Ensino e Formação Profissional, Saúde, Telecomunicações e TI, Sistema de Informação Geográfica, Energia, Promover o Empreendedorismo Feminino, Água, Pesca.